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Image by Harlie Raethel
Morgan Therapeutics’ Approach to
The Broken Model of Health Care

Dr. Tim Morgan has more than 20 years of experience treating sports injuries, orthopedic and degenerative conditions. With 20 years comes experience, a perpetually growing knowledge base and refined assessment, diagnosis and treatment skills.  The care provided to his patients has been referred to as ‘exceptional’, ‘concierge’, ‘respectful’, and ‘world class’.

These same 20 years has lead Dr. Morgan to clarity of practice model. In the age of the changing health insurance landscape, the unfortunate end product is becoming one of time-restriction, benefit-restriction, cost-containment, and a profound de-valuing of quality healthcare.


The average health plan has seen a dramatic rise in individual and family deductibles, co-payments and premium costs. This is often being paralleled with declining benefits and reimbursement rates. This model is unsustainable, in the light of quality health care.


Morgan Therapeutics is bridging the gap in regards to quality and quantity of health care. Dr. Morgan’s practice holds to the model outlined by Porter and Lee in the Oct 2013 issue of the Harvard Business Review “The Strategy That Will Fix Health Care”. Pointed excerpts from the article:


  • "In health care, the overarching goal for providers, as well as for every other stakeholder, must be improving value for patients, where value is defined as the health outcomes achieved that matter to patients relative to the cost of achieving those outcomes.”

  • “We must move away from a supply-driven health care system organized around what physicians do and toward a patient-centered system organized around what patients need. We must shift the focus from the volume and profitability of services provided—physician visits, hospitalizations, procedures, and tests—to the patient outcomes achieved”

  • “The challenge of becoming a value-based organization should not be underestimated, given the entrenched interests and practices of many decades. This transformation must come from within.”


The Morgan Therapeutics model is one that places an emphasis on both the quality and the quantity of service. It is Dr. Morgan’s philosophy that this value driven approach yields better outcomes, and a better overall experience for his patients. Dr. Morgan prefers to invest a greater quantity of time and attention to his patients. Through this model of care, he develops stronger relationships and communication channels with his patients. For this reason, many of Dr. Morgan’s patients turn to him first for assessment and/or treatment for a wide range of neuromusculoskeletal health issues.

Dr. Morgan implores his patients to pursue value based health care. The health care consumer should ask whether there was value received in terms of:

  • One-on-one time provided by their provider

  • Quality of services received

  • Respect afforded them

  • Communications

  • Cost

  • Outcomes Attained

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