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At Craftsbury

He truly listens to my concerns, and acts accordingly. He provides excellent service and spends the time to be thorough and do things properly. (It seems like so many doctors today do not listen and are in a hurry to move you along)

Tim is in rare air with respect to his skill and knowledge set. Most can talk the talk but he actually applies the science of movement patterns. Better yet, he is extremely personable AND professional, a winning combination!

Suzanne Daniels

Veronika Platzer

New Patient Registration

Save time by downloading a copy of the Morgan Therapeutics registration packet.   Print and complete prior to your first visit.


Questions?  Contact Us!

Dr. Morgan keeps office hours by appointment, Monday-Saturday. 

To schedule an appointment, please use the digital contact form below, or reach out via email or phone.  Thank you!

535 Lost Nation Rd.

Craftsbury, VT 05827

call or text 508-740-6526

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