Welcome to the Morgan Therapeutics' website, the virtual home page for a biomechanically principled sports therapy practice in Wellesley Hills, MA. This site also serves as an educational-based platform for therapeutic and physical training concepts.

At the heart of the site is  Dr. Tim Morgan's sports therapy practice. Dr. Morgan strongly believes that quality, effective health care is only possible if there is a mutual respect between the doctor and patient, with un-biased, intelligible communication, coupled with clear, realistic and attainable goal setting. 



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As the basis of his sports therapy practice, Dr. Morgan combines a deep understanding of human functional biomechanics with excellent diagnostic skills and a unique combination of manual and movement based corrective therapies. This clinical approach allows for the prescription of innovative, functionally based strategies in the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

These 'White Papers' are being offered for the sake of transparency. Too often, therapeutic and training sites or promotional materials are shrouded in secrecy or clouded by esotericism. The 'Papers' below are a concerted attempt to 'step out from behind the curtain', and concisely explain the theories and methodologies of this website and sports therapy practice.

It is Dr. Morgan's belief that if his patients can be brought to understand their state of health, they will be more likely to be successful in their goals and will have better clinical outcomes, return to activity, and be healthier...


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