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World class healthcare specializing in:

Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Conditions

  • Injury management

  • Pain management

  • Chronic condition management

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Training Management

"Treating the Athlete, and the Athlete in All of Us"

Chiropractic Services

"Chiro-" (adj) - of the hand 

                          or hands

"-practic" (n) - of or pertaining

                          to action; the

                          practice of

Sports Therapy

'Sports Therapy' is as much a mindset and a manner of practice as it is a particular treatment or therapeutic service. This therapeutic approach could also be called 'sports medicine', and reflects the very philosophy and theories espoused by Dr. Morgan... 

Corrective Exercise

Whether in-office or at home, Dr. Morgan designs, demonstrates and prescribes some type of directed therapeutic exercise with the overwhelming majority of his patients...