Corrective Exercise

"Meritocracy is a good thing. Whenever possibly, people should be judged based on their work and results, not superficial qualities."

                                                         - Eric Ries

Whether in-office or at home, Dr. Morgan designs, demonstrates and prescribes some type of directed therapeutic exercise with the overwhelming majority of his patients. The selected exercise, at the appropriate volume and intensity, is considered to be an extension of in-office care in that it is a continued attempt at stimulating and/or loading the target tissue into capacities that have been lost, and are in need of restoral.

The basic principle of training overload applies here, where the healing or building of tissue is accomplished by progressively loading it in manners that push the physiological limits and require the innate adaptive response to trigger.


These capacities can include mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance based strength, bone strength, tendon or ligament tensile strength, balance/proprioception, neuromotor recruitment strategies, postural control, fascial movement, nerve gliding, etc.


These capacities can be targeted to a very select component of tissue to heighten the effect of in-office treatment and restore the patient back to a high level of function, and get the athlete back into competition and training.  


It is Dr. Morgan's clinical opinion that the right dosage of therapeutic loading is as effective as any other one therapeutic intervention. The correct application of exercise prescription and dosage allows the patient and/or athlete to continue training the target capacity between therapeutic interventions.