Stage 5 - Reflective Competence

This stage has been termed "conscious competence of unconscious competence", and has also been designated as a stage that is necessary to be an effective teacher or instructor of a skillset.


Another definition refers to the fifth stage as 'enlightened competence' described as "the person has not only mastered the physical skill to a highly efficient and accurate level which does not anymore require of him conscious, deliberate and careful execution of the skill but instead done instinctively and reflexively, requiring minimum efforts with maximum quality output, and is able to understand the very dynamics and explanation of his own physical skills. In other words, he comprehends fully and accurately the what, when, how and why of his own skill and possibly those of others on the same skill he has.


The individual who has attained reflective competence is able to transcend and reflect on the physical skill itself and be able to improve on how it is acquired and learned at even greater efficiency with lower energy investment. Having fully understood all necessary steps and components of the skill to be learned and the manner how they are dynamically integrated to produce the desired level of overall competence... 


...he is thereby able to teach the skill to others in a manner that is effective and expedient."


(Lorgene A Mata, PhD, December 2004)[2]